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        • Crape Myrtle
        • Bald Cypress
        • Dahoon Holly
        • Drake Elm
        • Key Lime
        • Live Oak
        • Magnolia
        • Red Cedar
        • Red Maple
        • Sea Grape
        • Slash Pine
        • Winged Elm


        • Christmas Palm
        • Foxtail Palm
        • Queen Palm
        • Sabal Palm
        • Sylvester Palm
        • Windmill Palm

Avoid hitting underground facilities! Let Sunshine 811 know when and where you're digging (call 811 or (800) 423-4770) and they'll notify your utility companies so they can mark their lines, pipes or cables near your home or business. This is a FREE service. Sunshine 811 is a call center and educational resource for Florida’s excavators, underground facility owners and operators, and any other stakeholders wanting to prevent excavation damage to underground facilities. 

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