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Kitty Park is the Assistant Manager at Handcart Garden Center, bringing a wealth of diverse experience to her role. Her journey began in the '90s when she started working in retail as an Assistant Manager for a music media store. Over the next 30 years, Kitty transitioned to corporate environments, specializing in Corporate Data Center Environments monitoring networks, and serving as a Helpdesk Analyst for corporate users. Now, she's thrilled to be back in retail, working with plants and flowers—a passion that was instilled in her at a young age by her mother.

Her love for plants extends beyond the workplace; Kitty enjoys spending her free time in her yard and plant house, nurturing her collection of plants. She's also a music enthusiast, particularly fond of '80s music, and finds joy in attending concerts. Kitty is always eager to connect with fellow plant and music lovers, and she looks forward to meeting new people who share her passions. If you're ready to talk about flowers and plants, Kitty is excited to chat with you at Handcart Garden Center!

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